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浙江体彩超级大乐透走势图:My company won the a-class tax credit rating in anhui province honorary title

大乐透走势图50期图    Recently, the anhui source new material co., LTD was awarded "in anhui province from 2010 to 2011 annual tax credit rating (class A) enterprise" title, to further strengthen the enterprise's credit construction, enhance the enterprise brand influence.

The evaluation work is the state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau in anhui province, anhui province jointly conduct annual tax credit rating evaluation activities. The activity shall be declared by the enterprises themselves, wuhu, submitted to the provincial local taxation bureau for the first round of assessment, screening for tax credit rating management committee, management committee through to the taxpayer for two consecutive years of tax registration, tax returns, tax collection, tax inspection, invoice management, books management, and related administrative law enforcement departments to taxpayers social credit evaluation after the assessment of comprehensive evaluation of the project, given the honour to creditworthy enterprises.

, anhui province, has been the source of new material co., LTD adhere to the good faith management, in accordance with the tax return, contribution to the country, society, take various measures to strengthen the perfect tax administration work. Constantly improve the system of budget, funds, asset management, begin from the tax source, starting from the original documents, strict enforcement of relevant tax laws and regulations and control financial risks, improve the internal control ability. At the same time, actively carry out tax knowledge training, strengthen the consciousness of all staff shall pay taxes according to law and effectively shall pay taxes according to law, to state and local tax growth and economic development made a positive contribution.