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大乐大乐透走势图30:My company through the occupational health and safety management system certification

大乐透走势图50期图    Recently, the anhui province the source new material co., LTD. As in the occupational health and safety management system through certification co., LTD., on-site supervision and examination, pass the occupational health and safety management system certification, has set a good corporate image.

The review in strict accordance with the national GB/T28001-2011 / OHSAS18001-2007 auditing standards, from the system files to the on-site audit, involves listing, management standards, laws and regulations compliance evaluation, internal audit report and management review report, hazard identification, labor protection, many aspects, such as occupational hazards, organ electric multiple projects my company for the scrutiny. After rigorous review, evaluation experts to our company system operation of the said sure, especially for safety management and occupational health management gave high evaluation. CRB assessment teams to recognize our company policy, the clear goal, management plan fully and system planning, system operation specification, high efficiency, meet the requirements of auditing standards, audit.

In need of improvement in the work of ZhaPing place, the panel gave valuable comments and Suggestions. The next step of work, our company will actively carried out in accordance with the expert group puts forward the opinions of the rectification, and constantly improve and strive to achieve strict, standard and orderly standardization management.