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体彩大乐透走势图后区:My company won the "anhui famous brand product" title of honor

大乐透走势图50期图    The anhui province quality work conference held recently, the source in anhui new material co., LTD., the production of copper and copper alloy strip won the award for the "anhui famous brand" products.

It is understood that only the physical quality has reached the international advanced level of similar products, similar products in the country is in the lead, the market share and popularity, high customer satisfaction degree in industry, with strong market competitiveness of products should be admitted to the "anhui famous brand" products. Jury by anhui province bureau of quality and technical supervision committee of experts and recommended commission of anhui province famous brand strategy, the jury evaluation on the basis of quality evaluation based on market, benefit evaluation and development evaluation and customer satisfaction and so on many standard review to determine the final list.

The source company in anhui province famous brand, is the social full affirmation of the market value of the source products, innovation and development of the enterprise greatly encouraged, is a major promotion products to the enterprise competition in the domestic market. The source will cherish the honor, grasping the direction of innovation, keep product of science and technology lead, to create a more excellent industrialization results, efforts to make the enterprise products to the Chinese famous brand.