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Copper with performance standards

Live performance on the copper standard and test notes

First, the resistance of the conversion coefficient and electrical conductivity

1, electrical conductivity and resistivity of the relationship:

Rate of conductive metal resistivity (volume resistivity) of the countdown.

2, electrical resistivity and conductivity of the international annealed copper standard relationship:

At 20 ℃, the equivalent of 100% IACS conductivity resistance coefficient 0.017241uΩ · m.

3, resistivity and conductivity of the conversion:

Conductivity (20 ℃ when) = 0.017241 uΩ · m ÷ 20 ℃ when the resistance coefficient × 100% IACS.

4, resistivity and conductivity values ??in control tables: See Table.


Second, the resistance coefficient and test the relationship between temperature and conversion

1, the standard test materials in the constant temperature 20 ℃ for 24 hours for testing.

2, when the test temperature is greater than or less than 20 ℃, the temperature coefficient should be translated.

3, when the temperature coefficient of resistance coefficient of the corresponding table test: Refer to Table II.

4, the resistance coefficient of conversion: The actual resistance coefficient = test temperature corresponding coefficient of resistivity ÷.


Third, the electrical performance testing considerations

1, as far as possible the material under test in the constant temperature 20 ℃ for 24 hours for testing.

2, the measured cross-sectional area of ??the material should be used precision measuring tools and multi-point measurements after the weighted average calculation.

3, to ensure smooth test material, no creases, flawed, distorted and so on, to ensure the accuracy of test results.

4, the composite materials (such as: copper clad aluminum wire) proposed to test raw materials (such as: raw materials, copper clad aluminum wire is copper, aluminum).


Fourth, the electrical properties of the authority of inspection agencies contact index

Name: National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of wire and cable

Address: 1000 Military Road, Postcode: 200093

Phone :021 -65494605 Fax :021 -65,490,171